Be the best you in an emergency. An emergency requires the best we’ve got to give. What does your best you look like to you?

Sometimes our best isn’t good enough.

What is the one thing that you will always control, even if someone took your light, food & heat? - attitude

Remember the last scene of Braveheart? Pure attitude

If you are in a situation where your best may not be good enough, and you open your package of emergency provisions, what are you gonna find? If you’re confident in how you’ll handle a crisis, good on ya!  You are part of the solution and not the problem.

When a large disaster hits, people in that crisis have a multitude of reactions; these reactions span the spectrum from a Good Samaritan to the self serving predator.

Popular media toys around with the notion that when a catastrophe hits, the worst of humanity will rule the land until some bearded badass saves the day. The rest of the world is in some lock down of isolated fear. If you’re working towards being part of the solution instead of the problem, thanks, because that means the Good Samaritan side gets heavier.