A wind storm drove through our city during the winter. The temperature was below freezing and much of the city was without power and water. Fallen trees had knocked over power lines, and the utility boys could not keep up with the demand. Grocery stores were closed, schools were closed, and services had exceeded their capabilities; several people lost their lives during the storm. Our city was groaning under the pressure, and priorities switched from keeping folks happy, to keeping them alive.

Generators were rumbling during the night, and people cleared debris during the day. If the city did not get back on its feet soon, even the generators would go silent.

Staying in communication is vital in times like these. Without power, you’re dead in the water. You need power so you can stay in touch with loved ones, keep abreast of the news and weather, checking in on updates and maintaining your situational awareness.

With a solar panel, you can charge your batteries and phones while the sun shines. When it’s dark, you will rely upon your batteries. I keep 2 charged batteries in my pack at all times. This gives me the capability of charging my devices multiple times while enduring a crisis. If I designate one battery to only phone use, I’ll have 6 charges (about 6 days) before I need to recharge the battery.

By using the solar panel, I increase my potential battery life indefinitely. When your family’s well being is at stake, and they are looking to you for answers, it’s good to have a solution.