The most powerful and modern spot on earth just got put in a holding pattern because nature caught a cold and sneezed.

The East Coast is immobilized, not by arguing officials, but by Mother Nature. She recently dumped a metric crap ton of snow on our nation’s capital which resulted in travel bans and shelter in-place warnings. Look at this view from Suburban Hospital in Bethesda, MD.

FEMA calls Shelter in-place as ‘the use of a structure and its indoor atmosphere to temporarily separate individuals from a hazardous outdoor atmosphere’. This means the outside world is too hostile for a person. This also means that emergency services are going to be taxed, and the potential to lose power and communication rises considerably.

This is bad for people who are not tucked in at home by a cozy fire. It can be lethal for anyone caught outside and unprepared.

Many good folks who rely upon our systems to work will have to fend for themselves until the system can sort itself out… and this is just snow.

ProTip: If you lose power in your house in this type of situation, all your heating sources will be on the fritz. Blankets, sleeping bags and your favorite companion will keep you warm. Flashlight and batteries will let you see the board game you’re playing, add a bottle of wine and you’ve got things covered.