1. the importance, worth, or usefulness of something; the regard that something is held to deserve

2. a person's principles or standards of behavior; one's judgment of what is important in life

I was talking with an uncle about value vs. cost and he educated me on an aspect that enlightened me, “I spent about 10 years doing market research business consulting, and then 10 years with Visa International, ending up as VP (Ret.), Risk Management, and I know the real money is meeting real peoples' wants, not just the lowest price.  Someone can always price lower, but they can't necessarily deliver value, and in the end that's what they need.  Especially when the value is right now, when your boat is sinking!”

If it does not meet our standards, it does not belong in a Stormrider system. Your life may depend on what you have.

Allow me to illustrate.

The Suntactics S8 is an integral part of the Brick design for several reasons: quality, ruggedness, functionality, and ease of use. There are many solar panels on the market today, but the reason the S8 is part of the Stormrider Brick Systems is that it not only meets this criteria, it excels.

Let’s take each of the 4 points above and demonstrate.

Quality over the other products is the main reason I was first attracted to the S8, watch it take on the competition: 

Ruggedness and the ability to endure not only the elements, but also misadventure: 

Functionality is key to any piece of quality gear. If it does not perform the way you want, why do you have it? 

Ease of use… there is not a whole lot to show, find a sunny spot, plug in your devices, and soak up the rays! It takes less time than putting on pants. (yes, we timed it… no, we’re not gonna show it!)