(Using their nom de guerre) Enola Gay, Sir Knight, and family invited me up to their place. They live off grid, and have refined their lifestyle into an art form.

They enjoy modern conveniences, but are not tied to them. Case in point the recent windstorm that knocked out much of the region:

While many had to grapple with no heat, they were cozy with their wood cook oven (this contraption is a beast and would heat a warehouse).

While many had to no power, their solar array provided them with more juice than they could use (and the lack of regional utilized bandwidth allowed them envious access to the net!).

While many worried about food, water, and other necessities that we don’t think about till we’re without, they worried about neighbors and friends and how they would assist. (Prov 6:6)

They get it, they got it, they’re good.

In an age concerned with diversity, these wonderful folks were the epitome of diverse living. While many of us live in our cookie cut neighborhoods and convenience stores, they are choosing an alternative way of life that will enable them to sustain and thrive during any storm.

Thank you Enola Gay & Sir Knight for a wonderful day!

Check out Enola’s blog at: http://paratusfamiliablog.com/