The horizon is dark & cloudy. Rumblings warn of approaching storms. It is time to be ready. 

Look at how animals react to an approaching storm. They seek shelter and live off their stores. Domesticated animals don't have the same reaction because they have been taught to rely upon the systems we've created; we feed, shelter and protect them. If they are caught in a bad storm, their chances of survival go way down.

I attended a preparedness symposium sponsored by NPR and the attendees were all the big players: Red Cross, the utility companies, state officials, local law enforcement, EMS... The bottom line was that the systems we rely upon are not prepared for a catastrophic or even large scale incident. The first reaction of the governing bodies would not be to save or assist you, but to salvage the machine; the communication & transportation lines, hospitals and government buildings, etc.. 

Their advice to the populace was be prepared. Not for a 72 hour hiccup in services, but for a protracted event where the cavalry would not arrive for weeks or months. 

While the politicians are raking in votes promising to protect, their subordinates who run the systems are telling us to take care of ourselves. You will be left to your own devices. In the aftermath of a storm, the politicians will speak about preventable tragedies, point the blame at others, and fly off to their next speaking engagement. While you are left to pick up the pieces.

Wild turkeys are very smart creatures. Once domesticated however, they rely upon the man for everything. They can't even fly very well. Wild turkeys are excellent flyers and perch in high places out of danger. Domesticated turkeys instinctively try, but they don't fly very well or far, because they're too fat.

While turkeys don't literally drown in the rain, they do become so domesticated that self preservation and familial responsibility fly the coop. Young turkeys are covered with down instead of feathers which make them quite vulnerable to weather. In the wild, the mother hen will quickly respond to an approaching storm and hustle the chicks out of harms way. But the domesticated turkey, having been rendered spineless by generations of relying upon their systems, fail to do so.

You can lose a generation in a storm if the system fails and you're counting on someone else.

Be ready for the storms.