The very real scenario of the coastal NW being plunged into darkness, cut off from supplies, and left to fend for themselves is being explored with Cascadia RIsing. 

Cascadia Rising is a joint intergovernmental exercise of 20,000 personnel that tests the readiness and response of US government, National Guard, military, state and local emergency leaders. The scenario is based on the real potential of a massive earthquake and subsequent tsunami that would literally take out the NW coast, this can include or even originate from the California region.

The stated goal of this exercise is to gauge responses, minimize loss of life and property. With a force of 20,000 personnel for a population of 7.2 million, the response will be sadly wanting. FEMA has sent Portable Disaster Morgues to the most impacted states in preparation for this event.

Although the Cascadia Subduction Zone is a 600 mile fault that runs from northern California to British Columbia, the awareness that faults such as the San Andreas or Hayward fault could trigger or respond to the CSZ is obvious, since these faults don't follow our maps and geographic boundary lines. The resulting devastation and migration would overwhelm services, EMS, etc... with the big picture being the crippling of trade, military readiness, communication and transportation. 

A logical end conclusion of this type of devastation could be martial law to control rampant looting and crime. Rationing, quotas and scarcity would be the norm in the former land of plenty.

When an event like this occurs, the governing power has a responsibility to make sure it can continue to function. Think of an airplane disaster where the oxygen masks drop down; you secure your oxygen first, before aiding your child or anyone else. 

So the first goal will not be search and rescue, extinguishing fires, stopping floods, or finding lost loved ones. Instead, surveying the damage and performing triage to the most important and sensitive areas that would threaten the continued functionality of the government: reestablishing communication, transportation, role call and accountability, the goal being to gain some semblance of control over the situation. 

Translation: If a federal building is burning while your home is burning, resources will be sent to save the federal building.

Bottom line: You'll be on your own for quite some time. 

This would be a very big storm. If something of this magnitude occurs, you will either be part of the problem, or part of the solution.

How do you want to ride this storm?