The Argonaut


The sea can be a cruel mistress. Stow the Argonaut just in case you catch her in a mood.

If you sail, you have an "abandon ship bag". This is the survival system you want if ever that should occur. Designed comprehensively to address your immediate and long term needs. 

Should you need it, the equipment and gear can save your life.

  • The PLB will call for help. A personal SOS that is monitored by the Search & Rescue Agencies of the world.

  • Katadyne's Survivor 06 Desalinator will provide enough fresh water to keep you and yours hydrated and alive.


The Brick

The design of the Brick was driven by a passion to provide true help and assistance in a crises by leveraging over a decade of experience training our nation’s top military units to survive the worst case scenario. 

The design concept of the Brick is to compartmentalize and organize the gear you need, in a logical and easily accessible kit. Three different, but vital categories are addressed: Power, Medical,  & Survival Gear.

Power - Sets The Brick apart in the industry!  By adding the most effective solar panel on the market, you have access to the biggest power source in the solar system: the sun.

By having unlimited power in an emergency you can turn the tables in your favor. It enables you to turn on and leverage your powered devices: lights, cell phones, tablets, etc.  Combining these devices w/ Apps and on-device education tools you will be able to harness the power of today’s technology in a crisis. 

Medical – The Brick Medical section is designed around the concept that 60% of preventable field fatalities are from traumatic bleed out.  It was designed to be packed with much of the same gear that a combat medic or EMS would carry on a daily basis.  The basic kit out can be augmented with gear specific to your family needs.

Gear - The Gear compartment has your basic survival needs covered, plus room for much more: fire, water acquisition, shelter & field ready repairs. Each piece has proven its functionality and ruggedness in the field, that’s why it’s there.

We use what we sell. Unlike other emergency kits or survival kits, this gear is ready to be used & abused, not hidden away in the closet.


The “Argonaut” 

The Argonaut Brick was designed to enable you to call for help, treat major injuries, and sustain life if you ever have to abandon ship. 

This system was enhanced to include those tools identified as the most critical to navigate an isolated maritime crisis.  This will provide you the comfort that The Brick you have is packed with the tools you need to be successful.

Core components included in The Argonaut:

  • The Brick – The compartmentalized home for your tools.
  • Katadyne Survivor 06 Desalinator - You can't drink the water... or can you? This hand pump will desalinate the sea water and give you life.
  • Buoyant Personal Locator Beacon -  Small and mighty, the ResQLink+™ is a buoyant, GPS-enabled rescue beacon designed for pilots and backcountry adventurers. 
  • Suntactics sCharger-8 Solar Panel – The best solar panel on the market. Period… 
  • Anti-Gravity Battery – Strong enough to start a diesel battery, charge a laptop, cell phones, lights...  keeps you juiced!
  • Flashlight – Buoyant, 1000 lumens, rechargeable flashlight. Let there be light!
  • Eartheasy Lifestraw – Brilliant & effective, this H2O filter will help you stay hydrated (use with the desalinator).
  • Leatherman Surge Multitool & Accessories – Handheld tool box, covering off many of your basic needs, enhanced with additional accessories.
  • Leatherman Raptor Medical Shears - The toughest, most versatile shears available. Multi function and guaranteed for life.
  • Other Gear Inclusions –
    • 550 Cord
    • Sewing Kit
    • Flex Light
    • Sparx Rod
    • Duct Tape
  • Other Medical Inclusions –
    • Trauma bandage
    • QuickClot
    • Cravats
    • CAT Tourniquets
    • Rite in the Rain Notebook & Pen
    • Tweezerman Griptight
    • Elovate5 Glucose Sachet
    • Trauma Tape Roll